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Primosten is a traditional fishing and wine-growing town that developed into a well-known tourist center.Located in northern Dalmatia, between towns Sibenik and Split. In addition to miles of beautiful pebble beaches, offers a wide selection of cafes, restaurants, souvenir and art shops,tennis courts, mini golf, table tennis, soccer, volleyball and rich cultural and artistic program.Concerts, folklore performances and other entertainment activities are held almost daily in the main square under organizations tourist community Primosten.

primosten old town  primosten port  primosten panorama

One of the most famous clubs in this part of Croatian Discotheque Aurora is located at only 1 km away from the center. In this club there are numerous concerts of the most renowned Croatian and foreign singers and dj.-s. Besides hotels Primosten offers accommodation in a variety of apartments in private accommodation.

Old town Primosten

The old town Primosten is situated on a hilly peninsula surrounded by seven small islands.With medieval walls in front retained all the characteristics of the Mediterranean town.Recognizable by his narrow streets and stone houses, among which are numerous restaurants, bars and tavern.

primosten walls  primosten centar  primosten church

The church of St. George built in 1485 is on the highest point of the peninsula Primosten.From there you can enjoy spectacular view of the city, sea and islands in the area.
Beside that,we suggest you to take a walk around the city and enjoy in unique atmosphere.

primosten port

Primosten beach

Primosten is well known for its beautiful pebble beaches that stretch almost around the entire city . In the center of town offers over 2 km of beaches where you can enjoy the shade of a pine forest and multitude sports and other facilities.

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Primosten Marina Kremik

Marina Kremik makes Primosten touristic heaven for true lovers of sea. Picturesque cove is sourraunded by vineyards of Babic , which are monument and tribute to the human work.

primosten marima kremik

Primosten infrastructure

In Primosten can find all the supporting infrastructure facilities.By this we mean : supermarkets, butcher shops, banks (2), ATM, gas station (24 hours in summer), bus stations, police, medical care (24h), pharmacy, currency exchange and all that enables a normal modern life.See map of the city >>

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